Cushion vs. Throw Pillow

Throw Pillows vs. Cushions

As far as is concerned, throw pillows and cushions are one in the same.  In our store, throw pillows and cushions are designated ‘throw pillows’ or ‘cushions’ according to how our eccentric web developer/designer feels at the moment.

Yet, in more scientific circles, there is a slight difference.

cushion (koosh'en) n. [<ML. coxinum] 1. a pillow or pad 2. a thing that is in the shape or use 3. anything that absorbs shock - vt to provide with a cushion

pillow (pil'o) n. [OE. pyle] a cloth case filled with feathers, etc. used esp. to support the head in sleeping - vt. to rest as on a pillow


Pretty much, the answer lies in how you, individually, are going to use it!  If you intend to use the item as something you want to lean against or something that is going to support your weight in any form or fashion, you would call it a cushion.  For other uses, like for decoration, the term ‘throw pillow’ would be more appropriate.